A light ivory coloured linear brickwork has been selected as a sympathetic contemporary approach to the surrounding conservation area serving to distinguish the building and its era.

1. Precedent image – Suggested material palette

2. Ground floor plan

A perforated brick screen to the front facade is a response to site constraints of overlooking and privacy.  The screen allows light through and partial views out into the courtyard whilst providing a sense of privacy.

1. Front elevation

2. Precedent image – Perforated brick screen facade


The courtyards are designed to provide a mixture of hard and soft landscaping with distinct planting to provide a high quality aesthetically pleasing external space for occupant use. The merit of the landscape design will also provide a stimulating view from all habitable rooms

1. Precedent image – Screened courtyard garden

2. Lower ground floor plan


1. Long site section


A semi-transparent perforated screen provided to the boundary provides privacy from occupants of the playground preventing overlooking into amenity spaces. The screen will play with transparency to give an illusion of spaciousness and light

1. Courtyard long section 

2. Perforated privacy screen detailed drawing

3. Precedent image – Perforated brick privacy screen

Hexagonal vertical slate cladding to the secondary element of each dwelling breaks down the mass and creates a sympathetic visual separation, lending itself to the ad hoc nature of the concept to form a relationship to subservient outbuildings.

1. Rear elevation

2. Precedent image – Hexagonal vertical slate cladding

3. Precedent image – Green wall

The landscape proposal divides the large open space through the use of tall hedges and long grasses providing areas with greater intimacy and privacy. The pockets of space create separate areas of identity

1. Precedent image – landscaping, tall grass and reeves divide pockets of space.

2. Landscaping plan for main courtyard space

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